Favorite Real Mobster Names

Benny Mangano aka “Benny Eggs” – named because his mother owned an egg farm. Mickey Callahan aka “Cheesebox” Ciro Terranova aka “The Artichoke King” – named after his early years of intimidating vegetable merchants into overpaying for his artichokes. Louis Attansio aka “Louie Ha Ha” – named after his habit of laughing when he heard […]

Favorite Names of Old Gangs

Chicago, 1950-1990 Thorndale Jagoffs Almighty Gaylords Rice Boys Cortlandt Stacys Lazy Gents Unicorns Midget Popes Ma Beefy Boys Junior Sinners Mad Lads Stimulators Lead Pipe Gang Lady Gents Wood Street Walkers (named because they didn’t have driver’s licenses) Cherry Busters Happy Gentlemen New York, 1970s Jolly Stompers Black Stabbers Black Attacks Trouble Bros Latin Secret […]