Remembering Ros Sereysothea

45 years ago today, the Khmer Rouge took over Cambodia. If you don’t know much about them (I certainly didn’t learn anything in school), imagine North Korea’s insane authoritarian fascism-masquerading-as-communism, minus the overblown god-emperor routine, and somehow an even more appalling disinterest in human rights. Between their fanatical and overly-idealistic poorly-implemented policies that led to […]

Skin Deep

The night was quiet, still as stone And in an estate most grand Lord Pennyworth of Lanshire Prepared to hatch his final plan. He stood atop society’s elite. A vast fortune, the finest house. His intellect was unparalleled, And yet he could not find a spouse. For although the debutantes Found Pennyworth satisfying, Anyone short […]

Latino vs Hispanic

I’ve always thought Hispanic and Latino were interchangeable, but apparently they’re different. Latino means “from a country Latin America,” whereas Hispanic means “from a country that primarily speaks Spanish.” The confusion is understandable, since most people that are one of these are also the other, but there are exceptions.  Somebody from Brazil or Haiti would […]

A Smash Hit

I was suddenly curious about how much a market there were for Donald Trump piñatas, so I looked it up.  It turns out even Walmart is selling them.  And they look… impressively unlike him.   Mexican politicians also smashed a Trump piñata during a party last Christmas, and former president Vicente Fox wrecked one before […]