Favorite Real Mobster Names

Benny Mangano aka “Benny Eggs” – named because his mother owned an egg farm.
Mickey Callahan aka “Cheesebox”
Ciro Terranova aka “The Artichoke King” – named after his early years of intimidating vegetable merchants into overpaying for his artichokes.
Louis Attansio aka “Louie Ha Ha” – named after his habit of laughing when he heard a mobster had died.
Louis Baronne aka “Louie Lump Lump”
Max Hoff aka “Boo Boo”
Nunzio Romano aka “Fats”
Giuseppe Giunta aka “Hoptoad” – named for his skill on the dance floor.
Joseph Bonanno aka “Joe Bananas” – coined by newspapers, he hated the name.
Joe Catania aka “Joe The Grocer” – worked at a grocery store during the day.
Albert Gallo aka “Kid Blast”
Louis Daidone aka “Louie Bagels” – operated a bagel shop as a front.
Micheal Poli aka “Mike Polio”
Pasquale Capolongo aka “Mustache Pat”
Nicholas Vuolo aka “Nicky the Wig”
John Tronolone aka “Peanuts” – gave peanuts to kids.
John Vaccaro aka “Popcorn”
Frank Costello aka “Prime Minister”
Al Capone aka “Snorky” – slang term for “sharp dresser.”
Anthony Lopinto aka “Tony Tea Bags”
John Tognino aka “Tugboat”
Paul Ricca aka “The Waiter” – got his start as a maitre d’ at a mob-owned restaurant.
James Bulger aka “Whitey” – named for his blond hair.
Giuseppe Siragusa aka “The Yeast Baron” – sold yeast to bootleggers during Prohibition.

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