Favorite Names of Old Gangs

Chicago, 1950-1990
Thorndale Jagoffs
Almighty Gaylords
Rice Boys
Cortlandt Stacys
Lazy Gents
Midget Popes
Ma Beefy Boys
Junior Sinners
Mad Lads
Lead Pipe Gang
Lady Gents
Wood Street Walkers (named because they didn’t have driver’s licenses)
Cherry Busters
Happy Gentlemen

New York, 1970s
Jolly Stompers
Black Stabbers
Black Attacks
Trouble Bros
Latin Secret Bachelors

New York, 1800s
Car Barn Gang
Dead Rabbits
Italian Dave Gang
Little Auggies
Squab Wheelman Gang
Yakey Yakes
Tub of Blood Bunch (home of Hop Along Peter and Sweeney the Boy)


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  1. Haha on one of your links there was also a south side chicago gang called the “Winos”. These are pretty good


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