I’ve been pursuing a career as a software developer.  Here are a few things I’ve created.

Restaurant Scheduler

Made with TypeScript, Node.js, Angular and MongoDB, this app allows you to curate a database of servers and bartenders, setting their weekly availability, qualifications, requests off and desired amount of shifts per week.  Then it can automatically generate a schedule for a week, which you can then modify to your liking.

Text Adventure

A foray into Java object-oriented programming, a player can use text commands to explore a desolate space ship as a hostile AI-controlled alien stalks about.

JavaScript Algorithms

Chutes & Ladders An attempt to settle an argument about whether Chutes & Ladders qualifies as a “game” by creating a perfect simulation of the experience to demonstrate how little input the player has on the action.

Poker hand generator/evaluator Deals you five cards and analyzes the result to tell you what your best possible hand is.

Cryptogram generator Accepts a phrase, generates a random cipher, and encrypts the phrase accordingly.


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